About Us

Who are we?

Sigil is a free site owned by private individuals whose interests include writing, poetry and games. It began life as an RPG site with the writing being published on a separate site. Since the closure of Sigil’s online RP campaign, it has been redesigned. We encourage writers everywhere to get in touch and offer something for the library. Copyright on published writing and poems remains with the creators. The site editor (Alun) qualified with a degree in History & Archaeology and “so spent my next twenty five years working in IT”. He is currently a freelance IT Consultant who describes himself as a dilettante and dabbler in many other areas.

What’s on offer?

We aim to provide a site where people everywhere can enjoy reading what we publish and writers can get works published on line without any strings attached. We will try to link to a range of resource sites and other places which our audience will find interesting. Additionally, we will give away some stuff, particularly RP resources including a full rule set for running off-line fantasy rpgs and, for example, some maps to use for anyone who plays Heroes of Might & Magic (Shadow of Death/Armageddon’s Blade).

Contacting Us

Submitting Writing, Poetry or Resources to be published on Sigil - submissions@sigil.co.uk

General questions and contact mail - GMs@sigil.co.uk



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