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The team are all keen board game players with experience in competitions. This section will review some games, discuss some tactics and offer some additional resources and ideas for like minded players. We hope that you find something of interest, here. As always, we are open to submissions for this section.

The game we have been playing recently (and one that in the UK you could pick up at an incredible cut price in The Works) is Maori.

The game is a really nice filler for clubs or just an evening’s gaming as it takes around 30-40 minutes to play the basic game and is one of those games you can learn in five minutes with the subtlety being in the tactics. It does reward players for pursuing different tactics so it’s not a game with a system that will generally win.

It’s not a game that comes with a lot of pieces but what is in the box is quite attractively presented. Each player has a small board on which they have to build islands. This is achieved by moving an “explorer ship” around a grid of sixteen pieces. You have to always move the ship and then you can take a piece and add it to your board (you can pay for pieces in the same row or column). There are other options including doing nothing and the use of a single tile reserve (which you must play before taking a new reserve piece) allows some limited blocking of opponents or holding a development piece. The game comes with some variants including a board on the back of the basic island builder with a lagoon where players gain more points for building inside the lagoon boundary.

Our group rate it much higher than Boardgamegeek’s 967th and 6.65. We would put it in the highly recommended category. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by experienced board gamers and is also one that would be a good starter game for younger folks who are taking an interest in board games. It is tactical rather than strategic.

Sigil Ratings:

  • Playability  -         9/10
  • Ease to Learn -    10/10
  • Winning Options - 7/10
  • Presentation -      7/10
  • Challenge  -           6/10
  • Overall Rating -    78%


Must Buy: The games we think every board gamer should own....

Settlers of Catan (Die Siedler Von Catan)

The original Euro game for many board game players and still, in our view, rates up there amongst the best. Why? Because there are many ways to win so you can pursue different strategies and it is possible for all the players to be in contention to win right up to the end.

The expansions are fun but we always go back to the original game. (although the use of the cards instead of the dice for resource pay-outs is something we often do use)

Basic game layout





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