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The library is currently being prepared for release so currently under the section headings below, you will find only very limited examples of the types of work we will be able to offer you. Please keep visiting to see new submissions as they are added.

Poetry - Various

Writing - Short Stories (Fiction)

Poetry - Fantasy

Writing - Factual and Articles

We aim to retain an area of the site where original works can be published. We would  encourage any writers or poets known or unknown to contribute something to the library here. If you are  interested, please submit pieces to

Pieces are classified as follows -

  • U - Suitable for any age group
  • PG - May contain content that is more suited to adult tastes and experience
  • A - Likely to contain bad language, sexual or other adult content.
  • By and large, the library has been created for readers of all ages but there are some pieces that have been rated as A and we hope that parents check  the content that their children are studying online.

    We very much hope that you find something here that you enjoy.

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