Like a Virgin

Title: Like a Virgin

Author: Sylvander

Silently, she arrived at night
Exquisitely clothed in perfect white
Her nature soft and so naive
Travelling alone on Christmas Eve

Innocent and pure the virgin lay
Awaiting the traveller to come her way
Enticing him closer her beauty thrilling
Untouched her body exposed and willing

Tenderly he scooped her up in his arms
Succumbing slowly to his manly charms
Melted in the heat of his embrace
She surrenders all with yielding grace

Having made his mark he departed
Leaving the virgin broken hearted
Her virtue gone, the impression stayed
Exposed and vulnerable still she laid

Others came to stake their claim
Not even telling her their name
Violently tearing her dress asunder
Intending only to pillage and plunder

Into the night from whence she came
With tear stained face ,accepted blame
Ashamed and disgraced by abusive play
Defiled and used, she stole away

Copyright : Sylvander 1996


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