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Some Notes on the poems in this section:

Like a Virgin was written over fifteen years ago, now and first published on an Edinburgh University site where a number of writers were collaborating and reviewing one another’s work. I was online that evening and I remember how well it was received particularly as Sylvander had always been a reader and reviewer but had never been confident enough to offer something of her own. As a member of the Sigil team, Sylvander produced the majority of the graphics for the Sigil RP site in her spare time including the 3D work. If you didn’t spot it, straight away, the poem is about a fresh snowfall on a winter’s night much like the one on which it was created.

The Lapidary is one of my many offerings and has not been previously published in any anthologies or other web sites.  I look forward to seeing what people think about the piece as it is one under consideration for entry to the next anthology which I send a submission or am invited to contribute to.

Re-Entry is an unusual piece from Ylloelae as she normally writes in a more classical style. It was submitted to the old Lorefast site and inspired a short story series which I later had published under the working title “Darkside”. Ylloelae is the pen name of a Canadian writer who was also a member of our collaborative group back in the early days. Her alter ego has a busy life as a health professional and co-owner of a farm where she spends time when she isn’t doing the day job. Fortunate for us, that the Canadian winter is so long as that’s the only time when she usually gets to do some writing.

The Lonely Rock was a piece written by Schuchtern for one of our weekend readings. It was inspired by a walk along the south coast one weekend. In real life, the author is a senior research chemist for a major pharmaceutical and English is not his native language. It was Schuchtern who introduced the group to haikus for which we owe him much thanks as they have given us all a lot of pleasure over the years in exchanging thoughts in that form, online.

On the Closure of the Bullring is another Alun piece, originally published in an anthology of British poets in the 90s. Some of you may remember The Bullring in London as a transit point for reaching various streets and stations when out and about in London on business or pleasure. It became a shelter for homeless folk and eventually, such a problem because of the number of people gathered there and some of the complaints over aggressive begging that it was shut down. This piece remembers the impression it left with me one morning as I passed through.

Moonlit Night was a piece presented by Ylloelae on one of our “quick poetry” nights at the virtual inn on the old Sigil site. Living in open farmland with a tree line screening off the one road that runs down to the village, Ylloelae’s nights can be truly peaceful and undisturbed by any kind of urban intrusion.

Autumn Glow was also created on a “quick poetry” evening and is a collaboration between a number of us who were present that day including Ylloelae, Sylvander and Black Finn.  Having been poked about by multiple writers, it is hard to tell who wrote which bits but we hope you enjoy it as a descriptive piece and something we enjoyed putting together for the fun of it.

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