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Darkside I was written in response to Ylloelae’s Re-entry on an evening we decided to set aside for space fiction inspired pieces. I wanted to create a lead character who, on the surface of it, seemed admirable as a hero and action-centred leader but in reality was a bigoted, sexist, egotist who couldn’t follow orders. So often, you see films and series with a lead character who is essentially a maverick for whom things turn out right and who knows more than the next man. The reality, if you have to work with people like that is that they do not know everything and inevitably, they eventually create chaos and cause issues. Darkside is a three part serial which takes you on the lead character’s journey to the inevitable conclusion. Darkside I was published, originally in 1999 and appeared in a couple of places that year which led me to writing the other parts to finish what I had started as a single venture into a genre I read but rarely attempt to write for.

Ice Princess is one of a number of fantasy pieces written by Sarchil, originally published at the Lorefast site. She tends to favour pieces that use particular styled imagery and some were written as role-play pieces (Sarchil is the owner’s character name from the Sigil site where she played a bardic character.)

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