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Sigil was originally created by a group of role players whose careers took them around the world. Because they were unable to play together locally, they created a site where they could meet and role play, instead. All of the team were also interested in writing and poetry.  The result was that at its height, Sigil was the busiest on-line fantasy rp site in Europe with over 400 regular members playing over 600 characters. Today, the GMs have gone back to off line play.  With the lead GM having over 30 years experience in running and playing RP systems, and the others having a large and varied exposure, we hope to bring some interesting resources into play. These will include some of our own modules, rules for fantasy RP systems and some scenarios and ideas for a number of published games.


Sigil RP System

Here is the current version of the Sigil RP system. This has been designed for GMs who want to run a game without over complicated character classes, quick and easy combat and a focus on role play over technicalities of the system. It is free to download and print for your own use. Sigil own the copyright so it may not be distributed or sold.

SRP Manual

RPG Gaming - PC and Console

The team are also all players of various games on PC and various consoles including Xbox and Playstation.  We will be offering up some resources for gamers, too. First up we have some HOMM (heroes of might & magic) maps for Shadow of Death players. HOMM Complete is available from Amazon for around £5 so worth thinking about!

Here’s an old one but something you may still find useful : The map of Spira from Final Fantasy X

With these HOMM maps, you may want to download and then re-name them to restore the spaces between words. You need to save them into your program files, normally program files x86 under the 3DO directory - 3DO/heroes 3 complete/maps/

Take the Wall (first in a new series)

I want my Mummy

Prince’s Rebellion

Wolves of Winter

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